Archival Services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Developing Reference Services
  • Setting up an Archives
  • Arrangement 101

Historical Services

  • Research and Writing
  • SC Historical Topics Historical Topics include
  • Unsung Heroines of the Frontier
  • Saving SC's Civil War Records
  • Battle of King's Mountain

Genealogical Services

Presentations Available Include:

  • Introduction to Genealogy
  • Genealogical Research in South Carolina
  • Overview of SC Genealogical Sources
  • South Carolina Court Records
  • Revolutionary War Genealogy
  • Civil War Genealogy
  • SC Military Records
  • African American Genealogy
  • Preserving Family Papers
  • Scots Irish Migration
  • South Carolina Immigrations and Settlement

Educational Services

Teacher in Service Presentations include:

  • Using historical documents in the classroom
  • Unsung Heroines of the Carolina Frontier
  • Silent Cities: Cemetaries and Classrooms